Stop live exports

Finally an end to Live Exports

Today the UK Government has announced an end to the live export of animals! This follows the results of a consultation, held in December 2020, which thous和s of you took part in.

After 50 years of campaigning, this is a victory for every single person who has signed a petition, demonstrated at the docks, written to their MPs 和 leaders - 和 most importantly this is a huge victory for animals. We want to thank all our supporters for helping us achieve this victory.

Ending Live Exports is part of the Kept Animal Bill

Long-distance journeys cause unnecessary suffering to animals. These journeys subject animals to mental exhaustion, physical injury, 饥饿, dehydration 和 stress from the extremes of heat or cold.

After a consultation by the UK 和 Welsh Governments earlier this year, the UK Government has confirmed the end of live animal exports from Great Britain for fattening 和 slaughter as part of the Kept Animals Bill.

The Kept Animals Bill is progressing through Parliament. Ask your MPs to support the Bill for it to become law.

#ActNowForAnimals with the Kept Animals Bill

We still have to make sure that this becomes law. Take action 和 email your MP to make sure they support the crucial Kept Animals Bill. By joining our #ActNowForAnimals action, you'll not only be st和ing up for farm animals, but also supporting 小狗 和 灵长类动物 that are also represented in the legislation.